Official Expiration Dates


Due to an issue with one of our machines, some of our products have an expiration date that is not correct. The dates printed are should’ve been way more in the future.

These dates are covered by full factory warranty.

Batch Number
Printed Date
Printed Date
Correct Date
THE BROWN ONE! Tub20120901 Sep 202301 Sep 2025
THE BROWN ONE! Pack20120930 Nov 202230 Nov 2024
THE PURPLE ONE! Pack20121130 Nov 202230 Nov 2024
THE RED ONE! Pack1304.2131 Dec 202231 Dec 2024
THE YELLOW ONE! Pack1305.2131 Dec 202231 Dec 2024
THE GREEN ONE! Pack1303.2131 Dec 202231 Dec 2024
THE GREENER ONE! PackL21216930 Apr 202330 Apr 2025
THE PINK ONE! PackL21247630 Apr 202330 Apr 2025

Is your batch not on the list? Then you’ve got the correct date on your label/product.